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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Botswana Bushmen: Modern life is destroying us

By Pumza Fihlani
BBC News, New Xade, Botswana

When the Bushmen were relocated they were given cattle or goats to encourage them to become herders
The Kalahari sun is merciless: two young women and two children little more than a year old are huddled under the only tree in the yard to escape the baking heat.

We are in New Xade, a resettlement camp an hour's drive from the nearest town, Ghanzi, in western Botswana.

It is the new home of the Basarwa - Kalahari Bushmen, southern Africa's first inhabitants, this region's indigenous people, and yet they do not enjoy this honour.

Sisters Boitumelo Lobelo, 25, and Goiotseone Lobelo, 21, are kneeling in front of a basin of dirty water, washing their children's clothes.

Their eyes fill with anger when they speak of their life here, a desolate village half a day's drive from their original home, which is now part of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR).

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