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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Massive underground water reservoir discovered in Northern Namibia

Photo: Alamy
A stone-age underground water reservoir could transform life in arid Namibia, a government official said Friday, holding up to five million cubic metres of water that could supply the area for 400 years.

"If the underground water reservoir is indeed there and scientifically proven, it would be a relief for the supply of potable water in northern Namibia," Abraham Nehemia, under secretary for water and forestry in Namibia's agriculture ministry, told AFP on Friday.

"Tests have not been completed fully and the perceived water quantity not yet scientifically proven," he said.

Last week the German embassy in Namibia announced that German experts had discovered the new underground water aquifer close to the border with Angola.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shakawe kids go fishing!

Submitted by Wanda Wolmarans

Shakawe is a village located in the northwest corner of Botswana at the beginning of the Okavango Delta, close to the borders of Namibia and Angola. The newly renovated Ngwesi Houseboat is currently moored there.

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