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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Haina Kalahari Lodge - August 2012 News


One of four Cheetahs being spotted lately

The Aardvark, or Ant bear as some call it.  This nocturnal shy animal leaves evidence of its existence everywhere, in the form of excavations, but to see it is not so easy.  They are expert homebuilders underground and very often, Warthog, Jackals and many others use these homes as their own after the Aardvark has moved off.

A typical sunset in the Kalahari this time of the year.  It is very dry now and the dust causes a cloud which enhances the colour of the sun so spectacularly.

Haina Lounge, with the new overhanging lamps.


Haina has been very busy lately with renovations and now it boasts a lovely polelo fence around the  main lodge and we are busy completing our new office and reception area as well.  Carports have been built near the workshop and others will also follow near the lodge. More projects to follow are the new curio shop and new dining room tables.

The Kalahari bush is getting very dry now and animals have been coming to the permanent waterholes in huge herds, to great enjoyment of our guests.

Extraordinary sightings recently, included the introverted Aarvark, Gemsbok mating, Giant Eagle Owl killing and eating a Barn Owl

Big changes have taken place amongst our Lion community, and after witnessing Mufasa chasing two rivals one evening, he disappeared?  Now there is a new very shy male, mating with one of our females, but we have not been able to identify him as he obviously is not familiar with us and really shy. Four of now sub-adult cubs have been doing very well around the area and have been showing themselves more often lately.

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