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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gemsbok (Oryx) almost drowns on Skeleton Coast

Gemsbok or gemsbuck (Oryx gazella) is a large antelope in the Oryx genus.
The series of photographs presented in this posting were taken by Louis and Ciske Kruger from Kuilsrivier, while on a recent tour through the Skeleton Coast National Park in northwest Namibia. Ciske mentioned that they saw many gemsbuck along the route and that they did not appear apprehensive at all. However, at one stage of the trip, as their convoy of eight vehicles rounded a summit, they may have possibly startled three gemsbuck. Two of them ran towards the dunes, while one headed for the waves. The pics tell the story…
© ARTIGLI 2012

© ARTIGLI 2012

© ARTIGLI 2012

Luckily the ordeal had a happy ending!
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The story can also be read in Afrikaans in Beeld.

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