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Monday, August 13, 2012

Bank of Botswana issues warning over counterfeit notes

Botswana 200 Pula
Author: Central Banking Newsdesk
Source: Central Banking | 13 Aug 2012

The Bank of Botswana on August 9 released a statement alerting the public to the existence of some poor-quality counterfeit banknotes in circulation in the country.

The central bank said the fakes were photocopies of a genuine 200 pula note, carrying the serial number AB3139104.

In an effort to make the currency seem more realistic, a "silver coloured substance" has been applied to the note in place of the holographic stripe. However, the state-of-the-art windowed security thread appears only as black patches on the back of the counterfeit, the central bank said.

"Furthermore, the forged banknotes are copies of ordinary commercial paper; the result is that they have a smooth surface when compared with a genuine P200 banknote," the statement from the institution added.

Real 200 pula banknotes have a holographic stripe, which appears as a wide silver coloured stripe on the front of the banknote with images of a zebra's head and the number 200 becoming alternatively visible when the banknote is tilted from side to side.

Legitimate notes also have a windowed security thread at the back that changes colour from red to green, according to the viewing angle. When held up to a light source, the thread can be seen as a continuous line reading "BoB 200".

The central bank urged the public to be "vigilant and exercise caution when accepting banknotes from any source". The close examination of security features was also encouraged. "Any suspicious banknotes should be reported immediately to the nearest police station or Bank of Botswana offices in Gaborone or Francistown," the central bank said.

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